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Mile High GreenScapes Lawn & Landscape offers residential maintenance. Our mowing service includes line trimming, edging and blowing. We trim or edge along foundation of your home or office, fence lines, trees, flower beds, sidewalks and curbs. Our powerful blowers add the finishing touch by removing debris from the hard surfaces around your home.

Mowing Frequency
Frequent mowing helps a lawn resist weeds, insects and disease. Infrequent mowing causes too much grass to be removed at one time. Infrequently mowed grass also produces a lawn that looks thin, spotty or burned. As a general rule, we never cut more than one-third of the length of your grass at a time.

Mile High GreenScapes Lawn & Landscape offers 2 residential mowing plans:
Plan 1: Weekly mowing from March 1st until November 30th.
(Start and stop dates may vary according to weather conditions.)
Plan 2: Mowing every two weeks from March 1st until November 30th.
(Start and stop dates may vary according to weather conditions.)

Mowing Height
Most cool season grass types such as fescue and bluegrass have a recommended cutting height between 2 and 3 inches. We generally cut grass at 3 inches because a lawn cut at this height will have a deeper root system and be more resistant to weeds and disease than shorter cut grass.

Mulching v. Bagging
Mulching your clippings is an excellent way to return valuable nutrients to your lawn. Finely cut clippings contain approximately 80% water, 5% nitrogen, 1% phosphorous and 2% potassium. The nitrogen component of grass clippings can provide about one-third of the yearly nitrogen requirement of a lawn. On the other hand, bagging clippings eliminates these valuable nutrients from your lawn.

We sharpen the blades on our machines daily so that our clients' lawns receive the absolute cleanest cut possible. Dull mower blades will not only make your grass appear jagged and uneven they will also make your lawn more susceptible to disease. By sharpening our mower blades daily we help prevent such things from happening.

Clients with smaller properties will be pleased to know that all of our mowing crews are equipped with various sizes and types of state of the art machinery so that they can cater to the specific needs of each individual site.

Aeration, Seeding & Sodding
Mile High GreenScapes Lawn & Landscape offers a variety of services to rejuvenate or renovate your lawn. Besides our outstanding turf fertilization program, we also offer core aeration & overseeding, power seeding, and sodding.

is simply a method of punching holes into the turf to allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Aeration reduces soil compaction, enhances thatch breakdown, improves water infiltration, improves the response to fertilizer, improves soil composition, maximizes turfgrass rooting, and most importantly makes a lawn less susceptible to damage from weeds, insects, drought, and disease. Aeration combined with overseeding is an excellent method for an established lawn to relieve compaction and improve its density. We recommend aeration & overseeding once per season to all established lawns. *Mile High GreenScapes Lawn & Landscape uses top quality seed that is free of noxious weeds.

We also offer power seeding. Power seeding is the process of cutting rows into the soil and planting our high quality seed in the rows. Power seeding is an extremely effective method of filling in bare spots, and/or turning a spotty lawn into a lush turf stand. We recommend power seeding for those lawns that appear thin or spotty.

For those of you who would like immediate results, without the wait for seed germination, we offer sodding. Sodding is the process of applying strips of turfgrass to prepared soil, to create an "instant" mature lawn. Sodding can be done at anytime of the year. This is an excellent way to instantly transform the appearance of your landscape. Mile High GreenScapes Lawn & Landscape uses only the best quality sod available. Beware of contractors that use cheap sod. Poor quality sod may have poor root systems and be full of noxious weeds. Our sod is golf course grade!!!

We are fully insured and license to operate in the state of Colorado.

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